What She REALLY Wants in Bed: 5 Female Orgasm Secrets Most Men NEVER Learn



Who else is fascinated by the female body, but isn't 100% sure how it works? Or, maybe you know a LOT about her body, but simply aren't sure if what you are doing in bed is WORKING, or not? Does she have a G-spot?


Let me start by saying that sexual energy is pure creative energy, as is channeled to create - to procreate - new life. Both sexual energy and sexual desire are central to not only our survival, but also our expression as creative beings. Yet our relationship with this energy, and the desire it heralds, is usually less about creativity and more about personal pleasure.


Knowing how to seduce a woman is a big part of attraction. Without seduction, you can't ever truly turn her on or have her see you more than just a friend. Here are three effortless techniques that will have a woman dying to be with you as opposed to filing you into her friend zone cabinet.